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We are very proud of our Musical Theatre, Jazz (left pic) and Street Dance classes (right pic), for all their hard work towards two very exciting performances we have been invited to attend.

The first performance is at Her Majesty’s Theatre, home of Phantom of The Opera in London’s West End on Sunday 24th April 2016

The second performance is on Saturday 30th April at Pontio, Bangor. The show is called ‘Gwaddol’ and is an evening celebrating the ‘Legacy of Theatr Gwynedd’ and we are very proud to be the Dance school, that has been chosen to represent the history of Dance in Theatr Gwynedd’s history.

Our GSDPAC pupils have worked very hard towards these performances and are very excited to be creating more memories for everyone involved.

Good Luck everyone, we know you will shine like the Stars that you all are!