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“Your First Dance”

Here at Academi Westend Academy, we are able to offer lessons to make your “First Dance” on the evening of your special day, one that will “Wow” your guests and make you beam with pride.

Whether you want a choreographed routine for your first dance at your wedding or just a few basic steps to get you started, we provide a friendly and professional teacher, who will create a beautiful piece for you to impress your friends and family.

Not only will these lessons fill you both with confidence and excitement, but it is a fantastic way of spending “Quality” time together before your big day, and sometimes stress-free for that special day, which will provide unforgettable memories for the happy couple and their guests.

Wedding Dance Bangor

Sian & Chris Our Wonderful Wedding Dance Experience

Having been to so many weddings and witnessed the same slow first dance, we wanted something different for our wedding something people would remember and tell others about. Choosing Academi Westend Academy was the best decision we did. Natalie was amazing, neither myself or Chris had any sort of rhythm, but really wanted to make an impact with our wedding dance. Although very nervous and unsure of what we were doing Natalie made us feel welcome and reassured us that what we would achieve by the end would be incredible.

Natalie was friendly,  an excellent teacher and very passionate about her dancing which helped us throughout each lesson. The progress we made from one lesson to another was evident as I could see us getting better and our confidence was growing. The whole experience of the lessons we had from Natalie is indescribable, we cant thank her enough for the support she gave us not only as a dance teacher but also as a new friend.

Although very nervous when the music came on iv got to say our dance was incredible and I am so proud of what we had achieved  with the help of Natalie, all the hard work had paid off. So many of the guests were speechless and many in tears as it was not what they were expecting and the dance was praised so much. I can honestly say an amazing ending to an amazing day.

Thank you Natalie for all your hard work and the dedication you gave us during every lesson. This dance would not have been possible without the support you gave us over the past few weeks, you are an incredible teacher and we will be recommending you to family and friends as the experience was amazing from start to finish.