Childrens Street Dance Classes

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What is street dance?

A question that is frequently asked in the dance community, often frowned upon by other dance art forms as undisciplined, unorthodox and without principle, ironically these are perhaps the under lying foundations that ultimately give street dance its diverse style and flavour, lending its movement vocabulary from all styles of dance from breaking, popping and locking, to contemporary and even all the way through to ballet, arguably this unique blend of combined styles and movement gave rise to street dance as a powerful form of expressional dance that should not be underestimated.

Pupils are able to enrole in our street dance/hip hop classes from the age of five years old. These classes are fun, funky classes which give the children the opportunity to learn to dance like the stars in their favourite music videos, concerts, films and TV programmes.

On taking part in our Street Dance classes, pupils will learn the following styles;

  • Hip Hop
  • streetdancecast
  • Poppin’
  • Lockin’
  • Breakin
  • House
  • Choreography


They will learn the foundations in these styles, as well as the basic movements needed to master each style. The classes also helps each pupil with the essentials such as rhythm, co-ordination, freestyle and confidence building. All techniches and foundations of each style will be learnt by pupils developing stronger technical disciplines, along with the benefit of enhancing his/her performance abilities.