Pointework - Westend Academy


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PointworkOur Pointework class is for pupils at Grade 5 level and above.

This class is where all budding ballerina’s want to get too…”Standing on their toes’!

Here at Academi Westend Academy our pupils are important to us and as teachers it is our job to look after and nurture, not only every child’s brain, but their body too.

A child standing on pointe too soon, can be detrimental to the child’s body and their future career.

Our pupils are put onto pointe at a time that is right for them, when their bodies are mature enough and strong enough to cope with what pointework demands from them, allowing the pupil to gain in strength every week and understand how the body works, including core strength, posture and technique.

Your body is your temple…we take the time to look after itelin pointe