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Weight Loss Programme

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My name is Natalie and I am proud consultant for the Cambridge 1:1 Diet

IT WORKS!!! Find yourself… Be Yourself! That’s what I did and you can too!

Being a dance teacher I was fit and used to exercising, but I had been suffering with Arthritis in my hip and was awaiting surgery for a hip replacement, not being able to dance to my full potential the weight starting piling on and in no time my metabolism shut down completely Nothing budged it and I really struggled, as I was so determined every time I tried something new to loose the weight.

A friend introduced me to Cambridge Weight Plan, as she had been doing it and loved it. What did I have to loose? (nothing apart from the weight!) Within the first week the lb’s starting leaving me, I could feel the difference physically, which in turn mentally did me the world of good. I started seeing the difference and so did other people!

The Cambridge Weight Plan helped me so much and I haven’t looked back since.

Knowing myself that this works, I want to help people in the way it helped me, believe in this and believe in yourself and everything comes together nicely.

Don’t be shy or embarrassed of who you are, each one of us can blossom, we just need the help and encouragement to do so.

That is where I come in with the 1:1 Diet:

• One-to-one free consultations
• No contracts
• Friendly, caring and non-judgemental service
• Dedicated consultant from a fantastic CWP team to guide you through your weight loss journey with ENCOURAGEMENT, MOTIVATION and ENTHUSIASM

You have everything to gain….and only the weight to loose 😉

Start your journey now…take the first step and give me a call on 07791251827